Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ninja Coders for MvvmCross Part 2

So I have now created all the visual studio project templates for Code Ninja for MvvmCross.

Before we move on to the templates it is worth mentioning that PCL (Portable Class Libraries) support is not complete in Visual Studio for Android and iOS development. Ninja Coder for MvvmCross installs the missing profiles files to allow PCL support - which saves developers a manual task of copying files :-)

Below we can see all the new project templates waiting at the starting grid!

The next step is to link all those project templates together via a visual studio addin to make the creation of an mvvmcross multi-project solution as simple as clicking on the tools menu in visual studio selecting the submenu 'Ninja Coder for MvvmCross/Add Projects' as shown below.

*Note:- The project templates can be used on their own without the use of the studio addin - it will just mean a few manual tasks will need to be completed to get the solution to compile.

Selecting this option shows the screen shown below. From here we specify the name of the project, select which projects we require, press OK and watch the magic happen.

After pressing OK we will be presented with all the projects created and all references to the core project added as shown below.

The first version of the Studio AddIn has now been packaged up into an MSI and put on the Visual Studio Gallery - see link below.

Ninja Coder  for MvvmCross Visual Studio Gallery Page


  1. Good stuff - looking forward to trying out

  2. Do U have an update for v3?
    great work!

    1. Not sure I understand what you mean by 'update for v3' - please explain more.

  3. Do you have an update for Visual Studio 2013? If not, how to use it in Visual Studio 2013? TIA

    1. Its available as a private beta at the moment - if you want to join contact my on twitter @asudbury

  4. Hi,
    I have installed this plugin. Later while building code targeting windows phone 8 , getting The name 'FastApplicationSwitchingService' does not exist in the current context error.

  5. Hi.
    The project path is greyed out and I can't change it when i try to add a new IOS project to my solution, any idea why?