Monday, 17 February 2014

Ninja Coders for MvvmCross Part 8

VS2013 we have lift off!
Support for VS2013 is now here - this has been the number one request by far - so enjoy :-).

Other note worthy things :-
The first thing you will notice is that the Ninja has had a makeover (or lick of paint as we say in the UK)! For better or worse I've moved the UI to WPF and used a metro style theme. You will be happy to know you can change the theme colors via the options screen as shown below.
Other things that have changed are back tracking a bit on testing and mocking frameworks - I started with MSTest and then moved to NUnit (both with Moq mocking framework)
Now I support both MSTest and NUnit plus Moq, RhinoMocks and NSubstitute as mocking framework (will attempt Microsoft Fakes at some point - any help with this would be great!)
Frameworks can be changed via the options screen as shown below.
User Plugins now supported. This means you can add your own plugins to the Ninja (and also override current ones defined to the system) - All you need to do is copy your plugin to the user directory following the plugin naming convention and hey presto it should appear as an available plugin to install.
Still work in progress but you will be able to select different View templates - at the moment you can select blank, sample data and web. I can see more views coming time permitting - which should make it easier to jump start development.

The Ninja now has an in built update notification facility too!

There are other bug fixes and minor enhancements, there a couple of things that need some work but I was keen to get this release out to support VS2013 and MvvmCross v3.1.

As always feed is welcome.

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